September 15, 2010

About Us



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The OT Circus is a non-profit organization located in heart of downtown Albuquerque. Our mission is to aid in establishing wellness, increase function, and transform lives of individuals through occupational therapy and exercise in the most holistic, enjoyable, and highest sustainable way possible. The OT Circus is a pathway we created to connect the occupational therapy profession with the community of ABQ to come together to create art, music, friendships.

At The OT Circus Gallery we are able to create a place to hold events and bring the downtown 505 community together. We appreciate all things, quirky, odd, artistic, whimsical, and weird. We believe in giving people the opportunity for growth and development of the ‘New Culture of Downtown’

We do this by:

  • Creating a space where those with or without disabilities can show case their artwork for the local community.

  • Locate an occupational therapy clinic in a lively local location where community integration is key.

  • Utilizing a creative approach to increasing function by creating art with clients.

  • Embracing art, music, and culture in all forms for community integration for OT clients.