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A Parallel Subspace – One Night Only

December 9, 2017 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us for a night of artworks that stimulate the left and right side of your brain simultaneously, as the OT Circus proudly presents the works of Kyle Mayer, Rick “Pappy” Paprocki, and Andrew Jetter. These three local artists all combine geometry and a free flowing technique to their unique styles of artworks!

We will be doing FOUR raffles, hourly, beginning at 6:30 pm, and tickets are $5 each! Light refreshments will also be available.

Kyle Mayer (aka Cube.Style) is an acrylic artist from Albuquerque and has been painting for 3 years. His work is inspired by letting intuitive brushstrokes flow over the canvas and then refining the patterns in the resulting chaos.

Rick Paprocki (aka Pappy) creates unique, abstract collages from a special recycled material he sources from the midwest. Pappy began disributing this material to schools in Albuquerque, and, to show the teachers what can be done with this specific material, he created some pieces as examples. He doscovered, in creating these examples, that he, indeed, enjoys creating this type of art! He finds that working on his art has the same type of calming effect on him, much like his other favorite hobby, gardening.

Andrew Jetter, also from Albuquerque, draws inspiration from the mind-blowing skies that contrast so vividly with the raw, Earth tones of our environment. From these local inspirations, he creates worlds flirting with the edge of reality. Always having a rich scientific mind, painting, and creating provide both an outlet for him to express his scientific side and a method of experimentation.

One Night Pop UP Art Show

One Night Pop UP Art Showart exhibit,