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Among Sleeping Giants – The Art of Pullins & Wooten

August 3, 2018 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

| Free

ABQArtwalk + OT Circus are excited to present the art of Eric Pullins + Will Wooten in a pop up exhibit on First Friday, August 3rd, 2018. The show is from 5-9pm, and light refreshments will be available for our guests.

About the show:


Encapsulated within the chaotic cell of a brainstorm, on the way to the ultimate realization of an idea, there exists a raging behemoth of thought that lies dormant, lest it be disturbed by the provocation of, “what if?”. With each work of art, an artist steps foot into the arena in an attempt to awaken and face off with the untamed colossus. By studying its moves and observing its behavior, however, the artist is then able to apply the appropriate strategy and willful tact needed to outmaneuver and subdue the giant.

Among Sleeping Giants is a show that offers viewers a look into the extremely detailed imagery that is resulted by this cathartic process in the works of artists Eric Pullins and Will Wooten. Every color is chosen wisely; every scrap of paper, meticulously placed; and every mark is a deliberate step toward completion, for each piece serves as irrefutable proof of each victory.

While Eric and Will both share common roots of having grown up a block from each other in the same neighborhood, their respective paths would divert greatly along the way, placing a distance of about 1,400 miles between them. Only now have those paths merged back together in a culmination of experiences and inspirations, resulting in the works exhibited here tonight. The title of their one night show not only serves as an allusion to their creative working processes, but as a nod to their fellow contemporaries and those who had come before. For this one night, they invite you to tip-toe among sleeping giants.

About the artists:

Eric Pullins is an Albuquerque native, a musician, a member of a small family, and as of lately an artist. Always having an inclination to create, he started at an early age, drawing abstract ideas and doing “graffiti in notebooks.” He never really took art seriously in a visual sense when he was younger, but found music and took his craft as a musician very seriously through his formative years and into early adulthood.
As he got older, something happened in his life that changed the way he saw the world and how he interpreted the environment around him; he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. While the diagnosis had negative effects on some aspects of his life, it also deeply enriched others. Visual arts seemed to fit for the time, but were soon put on hold. Later in life, he met some very artistic folks that gave him the push to create again.
Eric’s artwork is contrived from the want to always see more from the world, and is contrived as a sort of coping mechanism to cope with life stressors. He utilizes many different types of media, ranging from the use of spray paint to wood stain or dye, magazine clippings to construction paper, ink to gold leaf. His works lend to the idea of keeping artwork organic while also being elaborate and intricate. Being described as “custom-made jigsaw puzzles,” each change in color is an individual piece cut, marked and pasted back for the effect. His works are true testaments to patience and perseverance.

Will Wooten is a fine multimedia artist who finds his work most at home on the disturbing side of the spectrum. Inspired by cinematic masters like Tim Burton and David Lynch, as well as fellow contemporary artists such as Alex Pardee and Dave Correia, Will prefers to tend to the darker side of the garden, nurturing a slightly unsettling atmosphere. The eyes of his subjects (if his subjects have eyes) stare deeply, yet almost despondently into the windows of the viewer’s soul.
Detail is extremely important to Will’s work. His images, seen from a distance, are enough to draw the viewer even closer, and, upon further examination, the viewer is treated to a maze of meticulously drawn line work, textures and brush work. The appearance of octopi, copious amounts of teeth, and exaggerated figures and faces are strewn throughout Will’s portfolio, which offers a mere glimpse into the mind that derives influence from everything, including comics and graffiti to dream interpretations and geometry. The one thing that fuels his work above anything else is his own imagination.Pullins + Wooten copyWill W MUNNYPullins 1Will W 7


August 3, 2018
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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