First Friday Featuring: Nancy JonesFrancis

13315580_10207819499860052_6689673261872114801_n[1]Color and Design
Nancy is drawn to bright, bold colors and simple design. Most see the Giant Red Arrow at Carlisle and Indian School Road and are content looking at it from afar. She enjoys that, too, but she is compelled to walk up to it, and examine it more closely. The bold red, along with the arrow’s diagonal seam, motivates her to capture it on film. The simplicity of the two together makes sense. There’s an order to it. Color and design when done simply, makes her smile. Their effect can evoke a motivation, a desire to reach out and embrace life with gusto. Unlike a jumbled array of colors mixed with a complicated, chaotic design, one strong color coupled with a minimalist design is comforting and easy to understand.


Join us August 5th from 5:00pm-7:00pm