March Open Art Gallery with Liz Lucero

March’s Open Art Gallery at the OT Circus will feature a local artist who has overcame challenges with depression. She has opened up to the community to with her inspirational experiences on how art and painting has made a positive impact and changed her life! The gallery will be open from 5:00pm – 7:00pm on March 4th 2016. Please stop by to support Liz, and her personal story!

Below is her bio:

Elizabeth “Liz” Lucero


I am 42 years old, born and raised in Albuquerque New Mexico. I am a single mIMG_1573other with my 17 year old daughter Chantel living at home with me. My son Marco is 26 years old, married and has my grandson Josiah who is 10 months now.

I work as an Accountant ll for the City of Albuquerque for 20 years now.   I have a degree in Business Administration.

I love to camp, hike, fish, cook, and run. I am a marathon runner.

I started painting recently when I went through depression. When I went away for help with my depression, Art therapy is what helped me through tough times. It’s now my passion next to running.

I paint what I like and things I see. I like painting landscapes and sunsets; however, I like painting what people ask me to paint for them. I am not limited to painting.

I paint with acrylic and watercolors on canvas. I love painting with lots of colors, bright colors are my favorite! I’m learning more about my art every time I paint.

I look forward to the next blank canvas I place on my easel because it is always something very different from my last.