CLOSING RECEPTION: Where the Apples Grow and Werewolves Howl

We are thrilled to present the Maragrita Rozenberg Quirky Doll Art Exhibition: "Where the apples Grow and Werewolves Howl" for the month of January at the OT Circus gallery!

Join us for the Closing reception on January 22 from 5-7pm.

Artist Statement in her own words:
"I moved to the US in February 2020, since June 2020 me and my husband Joseph reside in Albuquerque. I created a series of cotton mâché dolls in a traditional Russian technique which I want to present in a show. Plus, along the way, a few more interior mixed media dolls came to life to support the topic of the collection. About the collection:
I was always interested in blending in text and image together. My artwork was initially inspired by Washington Irving's stories of the Sleepy Hollow in Hudson Heights, the eerie atmosphere of the place and its peculiar inhabitants. You might have heard about it from Tim Burton's classics of the same name, Sleepy Hollow. His version is darker and more morbid, naturally. My is somehow reminiscent of a trippy cartoon or an illustration in a children's book. I guess I was interested in Irving's characters and how they settled in a new land yet keeping their Dutch tradition alive since I am myself a new American.
I keep my Russian tradition going through the cotton mâché dolls. Russian cotton mâché toys tradition originates in 30s, USSR. In 90s St. Petersburg modern artists implemented this technique in their art practice. These days this tradition is facing its revival. For many people it became part of their childhood memories, especially around Christmas and New Year time, since cotton mâché Christmas characters such as Ded Moroz and angels were found in almost every Russian home.
I learned the art of cotton toy making with a professional doll maker as part of my doll and toy-making studies in a craft school in my hometown Syzran, Russia. This is where I learned how to make interior dolls as well. As a cultural intersection between Russian and American culture I created a series of doll characters that reflect my style, my situation, my culture through the prism of my American present. It is very obvious how much I like folklore, fairy tales, paranormal and spooky, and this exhibition is how I translated all that into the world of dolls."
- Masks are required for attendance.
- Limited occupancy and social distancing will be enforced as well.
- No eating or drinking allowed inside.
Thank you for your love, support, and compliance to keep us all safe and healthy! We look forward to your attendance.
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Event Name: CLOSING RECEPTION: Where the Apples Grow and Werewolves Howl
Event Date: Jan 22, 2021
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Address: 709 Central Ave NW, ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87102
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