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Start Apr 17, 2021
Moderator: Margaret Govoni
$ 10.00

Improv Dance with Julianna

In this class we will explore movement through dance. We will focus on improvisation and having fun!

Event Capacity: 15 3 Registered Spots: 12
Start Apr 22, 2021
Moderator: Jenn DeSantis
Event Capacity: Unlimited 1 Registered Spots: Unlimited
Start Apr 23, 2021
Moderator: Margaret Govoni
$ 15.00

Harp Meditation Workshop

Sophie Pace will lead this meditation and introduce participants to her “angel” harp (a modified autoharp) and lead a guided meditation. This workshop will last 1.5 hours and includes a break. Open to 15 participants. Package holders can use one of the classes associated their discount code for $10 off the price of the workshop. 

Event Capacity: 15 1 Registered Spots: 14
Start May 18, 2021
Moderator: Margaret Govoni

Move & Groove with Barbara

Get moving with adaptive chair exercises with Barbara. Meet new friends and get in shape! 
Please have a chair handy. This class is FREE!

Event Capacity: 15 2 Registered Spots: 13
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