Binding: Closing Reception


The OT Circus is absolutely thrilled to present "Binding" - an Alexandrea G. solo exhibit.
This is the artist's first solo show!
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The exhibit is at our sister property, 718 Central, located across the street from our "OG" OT Circus Gallery in downtown Albuquerque.
The CLOSING takes place on February 25th from 6-8pm. Properly fitted masks are required to attend, as well as respecting and observing physical distancing. No eating or drinking allowed inside, and we are at limited capacity of 8 guests at a time.
Artist Bio and Show Description
Artist Alexandrea Gowan wanted to create a show that would represent the will and determination of following a dream. Being steadfast in that goal and keeping it close to your heart. Continuing on the path, no matter how steep the climb might be.
For Ms. Gowan this show represents her accomplishment of being a full-time artist. The drive and obsession this dream has required. This show might represent a different dream to each individual that views this show.
She asks you, “What dreams does this series spark in you?”
Alexandrea has dreamed of being a full-time artist for as long as she can remember. Art holds a special place in her heart, as she believes it does for many people. For Ms. Gowan, the act of creating brings a sense of completion. It brings a sense of purpose. When she paints, she enters a place where time and space don't seem to matter.
Gowan wanted to express the emotion of following a dream. She does this in her choice of symbols throughout this series.
She wants to take you on a walk through the historical symbology of these pieces and break down this series of visual artworks.
Alexandrea has chosen to represent sparrows throughout this show. First because they are her favorite bird. Second, though they are rather small in size, they represent persistence and courage. Something she wishes to embody in her everyday life and work.
The golden circle is here to remind us of totality, wholeness and the cyclical movement of life. There is no timeline on your goals and dreams. What matters is the action towards those dreams.
Lastly her favorite symbol, the red thread of fate. It is said that the red thread connects us all to our fates, our destinies. She uses this red thread of fate to represent the connection of self and those dreams.
Binding them to you...
We look forward to your masked attendance.

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Event Name: Binding: Closing Reception
Event Date: Feb 25, 2021
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Category: Art |Pop Ups
Address: 718 Central Ave SW, ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87102


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