Our Stories

Paint for Peace 505 is the brainchild of our Executive Director, Victoria VanDame. Spearheaded by her and Jessica Anderson, this program is under the umbrella of the OT Circus non profit. The mission of Paint for Peace 505 is to revitalize downtown Albuquerque, while promoting peace, community, and creativity.

Here are some links to a few of the stories.


The mural on the front of the building was commissioned by OT Circus through Victoria, and funds came from the UETF (Urban Enhancement Trust Fund) Grant. The mural depicts Chilean musician and activist, Victor Jara, who was tortured and killed for his words against oppression and his music that only spoke of peace, unity, and justice. His song, El Derecho de Vivir en Paz (The Right to Live in Peace) was an anthem for the anti- Pinochet rule during the 70s & 80s and is still highly relevant today. The mural was done by @release1201 and @irotism.

In 2018, we were honored to win an Alibi "Best Of" award for Best Gallery! Being fairly new on the scene at that point in time, and offering a unique gallery model far from the traditional, we were surprised in the best way to receive this recognition by our incredibly supportive community!

In November 2019, we received, along with several of our peers, a Creative Bravos Award! This award is so special to us, as it shows recognition from our community for our contributions to the creative community and economy in downtown Albuquerque. We are so happy and honored and humbled. Thank you!!!!!

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